Complete C++ Ultimate Course Missing Advanced Topics

Dear Mosh,

You advertised your Ultimate C++ Course (one-time payment) for $29 as including three topics: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. However, when I purchased the course, it only includes Basic and Intermediate topics. I did notice a statement “Advanced coming soon!” when I opened the course.

Does this mean I will be able to receive the Advanced topics at a later date at no additional charge?


From Mosh’s email announcing the C++ mastery course:

The first two parts (basics and intermediate) are out and I’m working on the third part in the meantime. While it’s getting ready, you can purchase the whole bundle of 3 courses for only $29! You’ll get the third part for free the moment it is released.

This is also on the page for the bundle:

Part 3 is under development. Once released, you’ll get it for FREE!

So yes, you will get the third part for free once it is released (assuming you bought the bundle for $29).

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