When is C++ Part 3 Coming Out?

Hi, @moshhamedani My subscription expires this month and I really wanted to learn the C++ Part Three course but am not planning to buy another year. Would anyone have the release date so that I can stay tuned or maybe buy the subscription for another month?

Thank you.


I cannot answer definitively, but Mosh tends to produce about a course per month. The current course he is working on is the C++ course part 3 (at least that is what he has said). Since the C++ bundle is the same cost as a one month subscription right now, why not buy the C++ bundle if your subscription expires before you get a chance? Or if you just want the single course, part 3 will likely be available for $19 when it is complete (which is also less than a monthly subscription).


Can we expect this in September?

That is my best guess just based on Mosh’s typical pace for producing courses.