C++ courses part 1, 2, and 3 for $29?

I am not sure if I am reading this correctly. Under the first part, it says when part 3 is released it’ll be free to people who purchased the course. Does it mean we can have all three for $29? If it is, then it’s a very good deal.

However, when I go to the c++ part 2 page, it says $19 just for that course, which is why I am a little confused as to the $29 include all three or just part I, or part I and III (which I doubt).

Nevermind, I bought it. It’s for all 3 parts.

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Yep: all three for $29 available here:

If you buy any individually it is just that individual course (which appears to be $19).

If you are in Australia :kangaroo:(which I am), the $29US becomes $49AUS.