Coming from React, Svelte Feels like a Therapy

Hey everyone,

I am new here. I was doing react for sometime and recently stumbled upon svelte (it was after reading an article which contrasted the difference between the two)

I was inspired to try svelte that now after close to a month it feels like react was such an overhead.

I am sure, I am not the only one who feels that way.

In everyway svelte feels better.
Speed, productivity, happiness.

I wonder what is stopping people and companies to switch to svelte and svelteKIT now that vercel is backing it?

Also @Mosh, I love your course. when will we see a course on svelte by you?

Artcle that inspired me to try svelte:Now That React is Dead, What’s the Next Big Thing? | by Somnath Singh | Dec, 2022 | JavaScript in Plain English

Framework like Reactjs, SolidJs, Nextjs, Svelte, coffee.js comes and go

if you are strong in JS then why so worry?

After launching the course by Mosh Hamedani, he provided us with a form in his YouTube community where we could fill out and let him know which course we are interested in taking next

I am not worried.

I just found react such an overhead, why ain’t we are doing stuff in svelte or svelteKIT

Svelte is on my list! I’ll try to get it to later this year.


just because something is better than something else, it does not mean everyone will immediately start using it.

There are many projects using React and probably will continue to use it.

It takes certain amount of time for a technology to grow and adapt into tech ecosystem.

If Svelte is good then hopefully we will see a ecosystem around it which can attract more users and clients.
Let’s see…