General advice for learning path

I’m following front end and have finished all html / JS. I’m wondering if anyone who has gone through all this has any advice or anything i should look out for like problems, supplemental learning needed, or relevant form topics (please link).

I would much appreciate any general advice i will say i’ve spent a good amount of time on the tutorials and have been reading Jon Duckett’s html/css and javascript/jquery in addition to the courses.

At this point coding is starting to click and my plan is to finish the front end then do back end pathways in addition because i enjoy these courses so much. planning to skip next.js for now until it’s on sale and redux any ideas on that?

Hi I have been through the html / JS courses also and have read the Jon Duckett html / css and JS/jQuery books.

One thing to note about the JS/jQuery book, its a great book for learners and it helped me a lot but just keep in mind that it is quite old by nearly 10 years. A lot has changed since then. Actually it is before ES6 where lots of new features were introduced.

For example the book uses var to declare variables, now days this is considered bad practice and you should use const or let instead. It also teaches IIFE’s which is not so much used these days because of block scoped variables and does not use arrow function syntax which you will often see in modern JS code.

Another thing to be aware of is the use of jQuery to build front ends have declined significantly since its peak popularity. Now days we don’t really use AJAX to call the server, we now have fetch() in the browser’s native API which has made the process much easier to handle promises. Frameworks like react, vue and angular are much more popular to build front ends now.

In saying this jQuery still has its place, for simple apps and a just few lines of code, vanilla JS and jQuery is still great to quickly just fire up and get something working. Also it still has its place for maintaining legacy codebases, so I would say keep learning the book so you know the concepts but just keep in mind, its a bit dated.

The HTML and CSS book is great though.

In terms of supplemental learning material check out exercism its JS track is great for problems and learning

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Thanks for the comment, I’ll keep in mind that tech is always changing, and check out that exercism.