JavaScript course content

Hello. I just finished part 2 of the ultimate JavaScript series. From here, I am meant to go on to React or NodeJS. The big issue I have at this point is that I haven’t once received instruction on how JavaScript makes HTML dynamic. There has been no mention of getElementById or innerhtml. There has been no mention of how this may relate to a form or a project to work on. I appreciate what I have learned, but I feel like I have missed a lot. Can someone recommend a course that gives instruction on manipulating the DOM or what these courses have left out?

I didn’t take his JS course, neither did I take any Node.js course but I basically know what it is.

I took Mosh’s React course though. I can tell you there is a part with the essentials of ES6. I just checked the JS course curriculum and you know way more than what is presented in React course.

It was created so that you do not need prior knowledge of JS (because of the ES6 refresher part I told above).
Like many of Mosh courses though the content is a bit outdated and many complains about it. But it is still relevant.

Overall you can easily overcome problems you may meet but there is one that had me ask and the answer was actually in the next video.
You will have a circular reference between services you’ll make. At that point just watch the next video.

In React you do not interact with the DOM using vanilla JS.
I would go with the doc from MDN or W3schools for instance and inspect the API simply.

Good Luck.