How can I suggest new course to Mosh?

Hi guys, I just subscribed and i’m working on full stack path and I noticed that PHP and Laravel courses are not available. Do you guys think Mosh will create them in the future? Or how can I contact him to suggest them? I think it’s the only think that is missing from his fantastic course bundle for web development.

PHP and Laravel are useful, but they don’t have much value in modern times :slightly_frowning_face:. Anyway, if you want to suggest Mosh a new course, you can email him which works or ask him in one of his community posts :smile:.

He has a contacts section right here if you want to email him :point_down:(It should take you to contact section):

Much apricated :slight_smile: I will reach out and see what happens. I’m surprised you are saying that because everywhere I go i see PHP | LARAVEL job description. Personally i been stuck in small companies and I have vanilla experience in PHP | HTML | CSS | BOOTSTRAP and I’m having issues finding job because of the lack of these frameworks.

The most demand right now is probably JavaScript frameworks with React having the most community. Mosh makes all languages that are in most demand. Thankfully, he made a typescript-react course because frameworks are slowly moving away from JavaScript, but that doesn’t mean its value won’t go down. :grin:
I don’t know about PHP that much, but according to this article, PHP is “dying” due to a lack of features. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

React is good to work for more companies, or that C# framework I forgot its name, but if you are solo, then Svelte is good. Mosh has great courses about Typescript, React 18, and Next.Js. :grinning:
My favorite YouTuber for coding has all the courses I mentioned about (except C# or PHP). :point_down: :