Changing python to "python -u" to "python3" in VS Code on Mac

I am trying to install VS Code on my Mac. While following Mosh in the 9th Video titled “Running Python Code” in his “Getting Started” chapter, I find that there are no settings at all, while Mosh has a bunch of code show up on his. What could be the problem? Thanks!

I have the exact same issue. I’m searching previous posts here and came across yours. The videos seem to be out of date for the new version of VS Code.

Found out how to do it. Check the answer here:

I do not use Visual Studio Code but I found this link. I figured I would try to offer you some assistance, until someone else replies.

python code-runner settings for vs code

Hope this helps.

I was able to fix it! Thanks for sharing this post!

Please, Please tell me how you fixed this problem.

i can’t seem to find any answers anywhere.