Can't find the source code or the exercises and solutions

I just started the node course and I can’t find the exercises and source code that supposedly come with the course.
Where are they?

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The download links are below the respective videos.

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you mean this?

it downloads the video not the code or exercise

No, that:


oh, I don’t see that.
I’m assuming they don’t all have it, correct?

The sources are usually exist at the bottom of the first episode of every section.

As @SAM sent the picture, you can see that he has access the source which is at the bottom of the first episode of the section :wink:


I see it!
Thank you, that was really helpful!!

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Glad I was able to help :heart:

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Hi Guys,
For some reason I do not see the download option for source code. Even tried at beginning of each section but link is not available for download source code. The other download link is for download video clip only. I am watching " Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers". Has anyone experience such issue? or can advise.

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In the Angular courses the source codes are mostly below the “Solution”-lectures videos.

Hi SAM, thanks for your reply. I noticed that the solution section too does not have any link for download source code except the one for download video only.

Section “Angular Fundamentals” doesn’t have source code. If there are attachments, you find them below the video:



I some how missed this as well. This thread helped me a lot. Thanks!

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