How to download the source code

i was wondering how to download the source code attached to the React Native courses.

Mosh says that attached to each section you can download the start and the finish code, but i am unable to find a download link anywhere.

How do I download it?

Beginning with the Components section the download links are below the videos of the first lecture of each section.

Thanks for your reply.
I see the download link in the React course, but in the two React Native courses I only see the link to download the lesson (mp4) but not the code.
Am I looking in the wrong place? I looked at the first and last lesson of each section and I really can’t find how to download the zip files.

Same problem was there with me in the node course but now it got resolved

check in the specific section in the specific lecture

u may find

i may wrong because i didn’t enroll in react native course

Sorry. The source code for the React Native courses is in the Source Code lessons of the Getting Started sections:

Ahhhhh thank you @SAM !