Source Code for React Native Series

I purchased both React Native courses. They were amazing! But now I would like to download the source code for the project but cannot find where to do this. Can someone please explain where I can download the project code from?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I finished the course back in February, but in each RN course (fundamentals and advanced) there is a lesson titled “Source Code” which has a zip file for download. If you download and expand it, there’s beginning and end source code for each course section.

You need to be careful, however, because Mosh often starts with some code for a given file or function, takes it through a few iterations during the course section, and gets to the “end” state. However, I found a few instances where the code in the zip file didn’t match up with the finished (end) code in the video lessons.

I am facing similar issue, I dont see any zip file, please do guide.

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Got it Thank you.