Source code not found

I have recently enrolled in the node course but i am not able to find the source code?

I think the project starts from the 4th section “Building RESTful API’s Using Express”.

Before that Mosh introduces you to different things in the Node ecosystem.

So, you can download the source code from the first video of each section (4th section and up).

I can’t see the zip files

i think the course was made 3 years ago so no source code provided

Are you talking about the final source code? It is available in the last section’s first lecture:

Oh ya

in the test driven development section

there is a code coverage lecture

there i can download the code

thanks a lot

Go visit this github repo if u r missing the source code in node course

this is the complete source code of the Vidly API project in Node course

Happy Coding!

I got full source code

thanks a lot