Cancel subscription

Will I be able to access the content within my subscription period If I unsubscribe now?

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Welcome to the forum. Yes, after cancelling you can access the content until the end of the subscription period you paid for.

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Yes, I confirm that. I cancelled my current subscription and I still get access to the courses. The problem is that it’s impossible to get the annual offer because for the system I’m already enrolled :slight_smile: …even if I log out first :roll_eyes:, when I enter my email the problem recurs. I’d like to keep my email to access to the courses and not to use another one
I’ve already written to the support but I received only an automatic answer :fearful:
I think that this is and edge case that wasn’t well tested by the mosh’s team :rofl: :joy:

Thanks, you are right


I’m positive that the team can fix it. In 2018 I had a subscription that was twice the price of 2019’s reduced list price. Christopher fixed that within a few hours.

That price is OK for me for the content I receive so I don’t have to hunt for special offerings anymore.

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