Access COMPLETED materials after end of subscription

Hello! I’m new here, but for curiosity, I would like to ask (as the topic name suggests), can I access the materials I completed once, after my “All access subscription” expires?
Thank you for your understanding, and have a great day/night.

That’s a good question but I don’t think so. I think either you buy the courses and keep them, either you can access all the courses as long as you pay for the subscription. Now, should this be correct, should you stop your subscription and get back to it at a later time, would you have kept your progress of anything?

If you think about it, they cannot offer that otherwise people would be incentivized to simply pay for one month mark everything as completed (without actually going through the courses), then cancel their subscription and retain access to everything forever while only having paid for one month of subscription. That is hardly fair to the content creators. Instead, if you want lasting access to any of your courses without paying the subscription, just buy those specific courses.

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Yeah makes sense for accessing the course.
Now my question remains. What happens with your progress, certificates and whatnot should you stop your subscription?
I’d think of it as a turn off if all that is removed when I stop a subscription. I would not get my subscription on again if everything is zeroed.

Just to give an example:
Say I completed a course on SuperFancyTech and got the certificate.
I stop my sub so I cannot access the course. Makes sense.
6 months later, I reactivate my sub.
2 Scenarii:

  • All your data is gone. All your efforts are wiped away sort of.
  • You get back access to your progress.

I don’t know which is true, but to me it should be the latter.
I’d even say you should access certs at all time with your account. Simply you’ll access nothing else (at least I can think of).

Overall deleting data from customers that leave is a bad practice. Many times they come back and it is simpler to just (de)activate functionalities or account at all instead.
On a training I took years ago I was even asked to add delete flags in my entity instead of actually deleting data. Sometimes clients delete things they didn’t meant to and we could be asked to restore it.
On another position I was taught not to delete accounts in Active Directory but deactivate it instead because employees may come back at a later time.
Check your local regulations though.

My expectation is that your account progress is probably saved, just your access to the data is disabled. Partly because I suspect it is much easier to disable access than it is to partially delete their data. Also, they have to account for situations where the user had some purchased courses prior to subscribing. Due to those reasons, I strongly suspect you just lose access, but everything else is retained (at least for some period of time). It is also probable that they eventually cleanup old customer data if the customer has not returned in some long time interval (for example, if they do not come back to the website in the next 5 years).

It is possible that you might retain access to the certificates (not that it is necessarily worth much - I have never seen a certificate of completion from any online course legitimately used for getting a job, but your mileage may vary), but it is also possible those are locked behind access to the course.

I could not find any definitive answer either in the subscription description or in their terms of use.

@codewithmosh - could you provide any formal clarification on what access is retained after the subscription ends (eg. do you retain access to certificates) and what happens if you resubscribe (eg. do you see your former progress)? Perhaps answers to questions like this could be included in some sort of FAQ…

Hi there!

Thank you for your questions!

Once your subscription ends, you lose access to your materials. However, you can download individual lectures and materials which you can keep after the subscription is over. We also recommend downloading your certificates when you get them so you still have access. If your subscription ends and you choose to resubscribe, you can pick up where you left off in your courses.

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Sure, when I talk to employers about Udemy (where I have most of Mosh courses) they often don’t know what it is and many won’t give any credit to that, but that’s still a completion token.
When I shared my cert from this site on LinkedIn I got contacted. Didn’t land the position but at least it shows some find an interest in those.
Here in Europe, it is unfortunately highly relying on government titles most of the time. Even my ITIL, ISTQB or MTA certs seems like dust sometimes.
I guess it depends who you’re dealing with.