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Hello, I just registered an account for the forums and saw the all courses access bundle, however I got incredibly confused regarding the payment plans and in the ‘What You Get When You Subscribe’ part here it says lifetime access. Can someone explain those? Because If I’m getting ‘lifetime’ access for current and future courses then why should I pay for more than a month?

You can either buy a course or a bundle which gives you “lifetime access” to the course or the courses included in the bundle. Or you can get an “All Access Subscription” that gives you access to all existing and upcoming courses for the duration of the subscription.

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Hello, I want to ask: I got a subscription for All Access, I think, weeks ago, and I don’t know if it’s a lifetime or monthly subscription. because when I tried to subscribe, I only paid $25 if I’m not mistaken, and I have full access, but I’m not sure if it’s for a lifetime or if I should pay monthly.

if you bought a course separately, you will have access to that course for lifetime.
The all access subscription is paid per year (as far as I know) and during that year you will have access to all courses.

monthly for all access and paying for 1 course makes it a lifetime course.

Does it cost the original price for the whole bundle or the same as what I paid when it was discounted? The original cost is pricy.

Sometimes you can buy a part of a course, for example:
HTML5 and CSS3 contains three parts: you can buy the bundle, which includes three parts OR one part in particular (for example, only part 2).
All access subscription will give you access to all bundles. I think there is a discount until 30th november.

The all access subscription has two versions: monthly ($29) or annual ($124 with discount but original price is $249)

owww I thought it would be a one-time payment. What would be the price for
next month? the original price or the same as the discount that I paid?

I guess you chose the all access monthly payment, so in that case I don’t know what is your deduction for the next month. Check your manage subscriptions to see what is the price.

I’m trying to find where I can see it, but I can’t find it. All I can see is the price I paid and when I paid for it.

but if this is a monthly subscription I guess this is your next debit.

I bought two courses. Do the courses get updated or not? Like given language updates and all that.

Usually Mosh doesn’t update courses. If he does (like once with the Mastering React course) the update is included in your purchase.

I’m guessing until somewhat of a major update like a hypotehtical Python 4 or any other language is out, he won’t update. cool

Please i can’t make payment, it’s not supported in my country, can anybody help me?