About purchasing courses

Hy guys , my name is aemro I am new to here I signed up few minute ago

I have one question

Are the courses downloadable on mobile or laptop or are they prepared only to watch on the website only? I want to be sure before I am gonna purchase it that is why I am asking.

The videos are all downloadable albeit lecture wise and not a whole course at once.

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i saw the posts that you can download only when you buy the course not for the annual subs
sription or the monthly subscription . is is true please explain this for me ?

The videos are downloadable for buyers as well as for subscribers. I’m on a subscription myself and download the videos for offline watching.

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does the videos which are downloaded for the offline watch in your annual or monthly subscirption package stay on your device after subscription expire ? or do you have to purchase it in order to stay on your local storage forever if it is true does it include the future updates or only covers the contents which are available when you buy it , not the future one?

Of course.

Downloaded videos don’t automagically update themselves.

You can either buy a course or subscribe. If you buy you have lifetime access to the bought course. If you subscribe you have access to all courses as long as your subscription runs. “Having access” includes downloading. Downloaded videos are mp4 files without any self destruction or updating capabilities.

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thanks for your help , but

why peoples buy only the python course for 150$ .
if they can buy monthly subscription of full access subscription package for 29$ and download them all other courses starting from html css SQL and others .

People are different and have different needs. And some people have a sense of fair use.

And BTW: “all other courses” consist of way over three thousand video lectures:

Some courses are updated overtime like courses on angular, react, redux. Mosh updates the course as the framework grows. How will you have access to updates if your subscription has expired?

With an expired subscription you won’t be able to access anything but bought courses. But you could subscribe for another month to access the updates.

Hi Aemro, particular course subscription is lifetime available on mosh website, it will no expired. so my case as example, I often want to refer to Java course video, I then subscribed Java course rather than annual subscription, where I can access the video online whenever I need it. Rather bring my hardware around.

I want to purchase a course & my country is not supported, can someone help me out?