Are Html style website outdated?

Hi there,

Nowadays I often look websites from a different point of view and newer saw .html extension.
Are these type of web devlopment outdated?

Not sure I understand your question.

The .html extension is used for HTML files. I think in the past also .htm was used.
HTML is still an important part of web development so it’s not outdated.

I mean we cannot see the htm extension at the end of the webaddress, that means a framework is used instead of simple html.

Not necessarily. The routing rules on the server decide whether a static (html) file is served for a certain URL or if the content is somehow dynamically generated. A very simple example is There’s no html extension in the URL but the page served is a static html file. Also an html extension doesn’t always say that a static file is served. The page may still be generated dynamically.

Serving static hand coded html is probably uncommon in production nowadays. Many websites are built with content management systems (like Wordpress) where you can provide content without HTML/CSS knowledge.

But as soon as it comes to web development and real dynamic content you need to know HTML and CSS both for server side and client side approaches.

To learn HTML and CSS it’s best to hand code static files to focus on HTML and CSS instead of also dealing with other technologies distracting you from your main goal.

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