Anyone has the full Typescript courses from Mosh,

I would like to have access to Typescript paid version.

Are you having a problem buying it for yourself? This is a paid product so it would be unethical to share it if you have not paid for access yourself (either by buying that course directly or through the subscription).

I was not able to buy that.

Could you be more specific? Did you have an issue completing your purchase? Or something else?

It would help if you stated the following.

  1. What your issue is.
  2. The steps you went through when you encountered the issue.
  3. If there were any error messages, and if so…what were they.
  4. What steps you have already taken to resolve them.

I don’t understand what this question/statement is suppose to achieve. Are we suppose to just say “yeah, I have it”? I really hope this doesn’t come across in a negative way. I am saying this so that when you have questions or issues that you can help the people spending their time trying to help you have ANY context to the question or issue.

When I clicked to purchase the error was that the card declined.

In that case, it seems likely that the issue is somewhere between the platform (Teachable) or your banking institution for that card. You can contact support from Teachable at You will have to find the support for your banking institution on your own, but it is usually easy to find on their website (usually there will at least be a phone number you can call).


Thanks for your support.