Angular course retired?

I just bought the Angular course and just realized it’s old! The comment in the angular section are all complaints that Mosh should fix things. I think I want a refund. Doesn’t make sense learning old things. Why even sell it. Should it be retired?

I agree that the course could use significant updates, but I do not agree that it means the course should necessarily be retired. In my experience, dealing with the need to update legacy code or figure out how to translate old instructions into the current way of doing things is pretty standard work for a SWE.

As an alternative, you can just run the older version of Angular (and everything else like Bootstrap) so that you can follow the instructions more literally. Even though the styles are a bit dated, I have not had much trouble finding the new ways of doing things from documentation, etc. I think the most obnoxious bit I have dealt with so far in the course was dealing with RXJS functions since those APIs changed the most radically in my opinion.

PS: I believe Mosh offers a 30-day money back guarantee so if you are dissatisfied, please do request a refund (since this post is old, I hope you already did).