About the demo app that comes with react native course

This is a extremely stupid question,
during the react native course Mosh talked about creating a react native project using expo init, but I’m not sure how to relocate the project or how to completely delete the project, and how to open up a download project like the demo Mosh made in the course
Pls help thank you

It sounds like you don’t understand the basics of a node package.json? Or how to copy your project from gitHub? He has a copy of the code for the beginning and end of each section. Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do?

yes, I want to relocate a project I created on my C disk to D, and want to open the demo app as a reference, I’m really new to this thanks for replying

do I just copy and paste the project to D? or do I need to use some command. as for the node package.json when I import the app.js I can only see that one file, no assets or anything

never mind I got it, the answer is right at the beginning, thanks anyway