Helping. The Node.js file

Hi. I hope everyone good.
Can someone send me the React Native Node.js Files .in react native part 2. In networking folder.

The Node.js file

This is my email address.

Is some one who helped me please :pray:

Can you clarify the file needed? In the backend project (in the Networking section of React Native Advanced Concepts), there isn’t a Node.js file in the .zip file provided in the course.

The index.js file sets up the Express server that runs in node.js

You install node.js on your machine separate from the project files.

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Yes yes I need the .zip files .
Can u sent me to my email

Saidshah – Gmail doesn’t allow .zip files as attachments. I’m just another student in the course – you may need to contact Mosh directly to get the file. (I tried – can’t upload a .zip here, either.)

Please can u send me from another recourse
Or please send me unzipped file

i need subtitle files for node.js course ,
can anyone send subtitles on mail
thanks in advance