29/month subscription

I subscribed to all courses for 29/month but I don’t have access to The Ultimate HTML/CSS Mastery Series which is 14 hours of video. Can you help me?

Have you tried closing and reopening your browser?

Here are the direct course links:

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I have access to these 3 courses but not the bundle:

Um… The bundle is those three courses. The bundle is just a package of those three courses at a discounted price. If you are on the subscription, you just get access to the courses directly (which is the same as you would get if you purchased the bundle).

If you scroll down in the bundle it shows you what courses are included:

Thank you so much for your answer. But in the bundle it’s14 hours and in those three courses it’s 7 hours total and you don’t get certificates etc.

Not sure where you are getting your numbers from, but the first one claims to have 3 hours, the second has 5 hours and the third has 5.5 hours. That adds up to 13.5 hours which is reasonably rounded to 14 hours.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Each course will grant a certificate on completion. Not sure why you think it would not. The pages also show that the course comes with a certificate. There is no certificate for completing the whole bundle (just each of the individual courses).


What @jmrunkle said. The three courses together have 13:41:21 (13,6892) hours and each come with a certificate after completion. The courses come with excercises so allocate about twice that time to safely finish the courses within a month.

If you’re quicker with the excercises or can spent more daily time you can reward yourself with starting or even completing another course within your subscription.


Thank you so much!!!