What are the fees for this course?

I have seen the sales pitch… try and make it look free, get you hooked, then drop the price tag on you.

So how much does this all cost?

Mosh doesn’t reply on these forums, but the price differs per course.
I got the monthly subscription (all-access) for 35 dollars a month.

Hey for how long are you going to pay that 35 per month, who will decide if you are done and gives you a certificate

You decide if and when you want to cancel your subscription. And you decide when to receive the certificate: It’s automatically issued when you marked all lectures as completed.

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I think Sam answered your question :slight_smile:
For me personally I aim to study with Mosh at least 6 months, after all three C# courses I also want to study the Javascript frameworks and Python. The certificates are not really important for me, because my current employer does not require me to obtain them.

Ok because me i want to look for a job after and i am currently doing computer science degree, still foundation course, I want to do this to enhance my knowledge in programming as a beginner :beginner:, it’s my first time doing it but I feel like it’s getting in me by day,

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