Python Course payment

Hey there,

Sorry I know this probably isn’t the right place to ask (apologies in advanced).
I purchased Mosh’s course on Python. Is this a one time payment only or is this a monthly subscription?
Just a little worried as I saw someone else ask another question and someone replied saying it applies to their monthly subscription or whatever.

I know my question sounds quite obvious but just want to make sure.

Hey! Don’t worry about your question.

All depends, You had two different plans. The first one is just for that specific course, and the second one (montly payment) is an all access subscription. So, if your subcription was for the course You’re asking for, You shouldn’t worry about the montly subcription.

I hope this can help You! :snake:

Thank you!

I ended up checking over and obviously learning that the post referred to the monthly subscription for all courses and not what I did (which was just purchasing one course).

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