Course registration

Hi all am Buckman, I want to register a course but I always see two different amount which I don’t understand. Can someone explain to me. Thanks

Which course? If you are able to upload a screenshot that is especially helpful.

If you cannot get a screenshot, can you copy and paste the exact text surrounding the confusing part?

I want to register for Python complete course

Ok and where are you seeing two payment options? Are you talking about the subscription price versus the individual courses?

This answer somewhat explains the difference: Payment, Subscription etc - #2 by SAM

Exactly, I don’t really understand

What part do you not understand?

If you buy an individual course (or a bundle) you make a one time payment and have access only to the respective course(s) forever.

If you pay for the subscription, you get access to all courses, but only as long as you keep paying the subscription. So if you only pay for one month, you have access to all courses for one month. If you pay for a year, you have access to all courses for one year. It is like any subscription service you may own (like Netflix) where you lose access as soon as you stop the subscription.

Thanks so much. I now understand. I will enroll in python course. Is there any certificate after completion?

Yes, either way if you complete the course you can get a certificate of completion.

And this just the beginning of your journey