VSCode-JS issue ! + "tab" not working

I am a new CS student currently working with Java. I wanted to begin to teach myself web development as that is what I am wanting to go into first. I am used to using Netbeans and recently began using VS to follow along with the JS tutorial.

My problem is, when I do the exclamation mark + “tab” I don’t get the automatic generated code text. Any suggestions? Sorry if this has already been addressed or is something simple, I have tried looking around for answers but to no avail.

Any help will be appreciated.

This almost always works. Can you list the details - your operating system, its version, your VSCode version. You must be in an .html file for this to work (I assume you are but just to be sure - don’t try this in a .js file).

Emmet is built in to VSCode now. You can verify by typing @builtin in the extension search and it should show up in the features group (and be enabled).

Emmet was what I ended up using to fix the problem. Thank you for this!