Beggining in JavaScript

Have just started the fundementals in Javascript course, but already am stuck getting up with the Development environment tutorial. For some reason the “!” command isnt creating the html boiler plate . Im new to coding, so its probable I am doing something wrong.

Noticed as well the cog symbol isnt available, nor is user preferences in the menu

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What code editor are you using ?
I think it is VS Code and if so I think you had to install an extension for that.
There is a html boilerplate.

Visual Studio (Version 17.3.1)

Is it in the scope of an ASP project ? A cshtml file ?

Little late to the party but I am pretty sure he is referring to vsCode. I am thinking they were not receiving any snippet support due to the fact that the file was probably not saved yet with an html extension.

In case anyone with the same problem checks this post.