Need Help, How to change intellisense settings in VS code?

On VS code when Mosh type the start tag like img or meta and then hit the tab or enter, the full element comes with attributes, like img element comes with Src and alt attribute or meta comes with name and content attribute, but when I typed meta it just comes with the start tag meta without the attributes. I tried to set the settings in VS code but unfortunately, I was not successful. Can someone guide me, how to change the settings to fix this issue?

Thank You

So the program that does that is called Emmet and it is built into visual studio code. it does a lot of different things but mostly common is it’s ability to auto expand keywords into snippets of html and css. You can customize this in settings.

I will attach a link to the visual studio documentation as well as to Emmet.

Emmet in VS Code

Emmet Documentation

Thank you so much. You are the best