VS.Code Launch.json

I’m currently learning python 4.9 Debug with Mosh online course and I have a problem with my VSCode. I couldn’t reload the launch.json file when I try to debug like Mosh instructed. Can somebody help me?

This is exactly where I got stucked too. Were you able to resolve it? How did you go about it?

I am also stuck with this… it keeps telling me that I need to launch Json but I am clueless. this is my second problem. the second problem is that I am unable to update to 21.1.3

What do you want to update that you couldn’t update?

Thanks for reaching out to me. my problem is launching Json and also updating pip to 21.1.3. apparently my version is not good for the tasks. its 21.1.1

Sorry, I can’t help to figure out how to go about it. I bet some kind hearted person will reach out

I was able to reload the launch.json file by opening/creating another new file.
Previously when I wasn’t able to click the launch.json file, I noticed that my app.py was on open editor only, and the hello world file was not open. So I created another new file and I was able to click the reload launch.json file to debug. I hope this will help you

Thanks Lokey for coming to our rescue… will try this out for if it worked out for you I believe it will work for us.

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will add you :slight_smile: How long have you been studying? am just beginning…

I also just began. This is my first course