Verbose output of git diff staged command

The output of the command
git diff --staged
not the same output by Mosh
There are fewer info about the modifications in the files.

I’m on Windows. I tried other flag but I didn’t find the right one.
I know there is the visual tool but I’d like to learn well the command line

Does someone else notice the difference in the output?

  • git diff --staged View difference between HEAD and Stage

  • git diff View difference between Stage and Working Directory

  • git diff HEAD View difference between HEAD and Working Directory

  • where HEAD is a reference to the last commit in the currently checked-out branch.

Thanks but it is not what I was looking for
the output of the first command on Mac contains detailed info about the modifications made in the file: lines affected. divided into chunks with header

The output on windows is less verbose
If you have a windows machine you can see the difference with the output in the lesson " 12- Viewing Staged and Unstaged Changes"


2022-06-03 21_12_40-2-Creating Snapshots (60m).docx - Word


2022-06-03 21_13_51-12- Viewing Staged and Unstaged Changes _ Code with Mosh

Probably related to this issue: On Windows make sure you create ANSI or UTF-8 files

Git thinks those text files are binary files so it does not know how to diff them. You have to create UTF-8 files that Git does know how to diff.