On Windows make sure you create ANSI or UTF-8 files

When you follow along with the examples in the ultimate git course on a Windows machine make sure you create ANSI or UTF-8 files as git does only see these file types as text. For the source code examples this only has effect on commands as “git diff” reporting the file as binary and things as partial file adding does not work. If you create files that are part of git like “.git” or “.gitignore” it is mandatory that they are ANSI or UTF-8 or they will be ignored. This was the first problem i did run into when following the course, as i could not reproduce the steps 1:1 along with the examples. I don’t know anything about MAC-OS but i guess that “echo something >file.txt” does create ANSI or UTF-8 on MAC-OS but on my Windows box it resulted in UTF-16LE which just does not work.