Inconsistency in Git


in learning GIT in the part creating snapshots after the number 10 files changes and they are now .js files and we do not know what are file1.js and file2.js.

Can you pl help us to understand?



Some of Mosh courses seem to have been reorganised comparatively with their original ToC.

Not sure knowing what source files do is so important in a GIT course.
What is important is to observe what GIT does and how to do it.


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I am not sure of what part of the course you are referring to, there are a few videos around snapshots and working with them in different environments. If you could give a section of the course, as well as a video number then that would help people know exactly what you are referring to.

That said, @UniqueNospaceShort is correct. It really doesn’t matter what the js files are or even if they are js files.

Pro Git is a great free resource you could use along with the course. I would probably read sections 1.1 through 1.3 to get started.