Ultimate Java Part 2 code not runnable

I downloaded the code for the Mortgage Calculator for part 2 but when I attempt to run the main.java I get an error “The file in the editor is not runnable.” There run arrow is grey.

I assume you mean the one in this zip file at Code/Section 3-Refactoring/Start/Mortgage Calculator/Main.java, correct?

I copied and pasted the code exactly as written into a Java REPL and it runs just fine. Have you run Java files before in your editor? Maybe share a screenshot of your editor?

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Hi Jason, Thank you for your quick response.

Yes, that is the zip file. While I have done several tutorials and several projects in a boot camp, I am still new to Java. I have tried to open it many ways, so I am not sure what exactly to show you because I have tried to open it so many different ways that I have just deleted everything. I cannot figure out how to open it properly. Every time, no matter what I do, the run button that is usually green for me in everything else I have ever done is greyed out.

I cannot see his file tree in any of the videos. I simply have no idea how to open this and get it to run. I am back to square 1. I have downloaded the zip file. But I do not know what do after that because clearly what I am doing is not it.

Once you extract the contents of the zip file there should be a number of folders (aka directories) inside. About one per section of the course as far as I remember when I opened it the other day. Are you using VSCode?

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I got it to work! Before now I have gotten all my materials from github. I have no idea what was happening, but it is working now.

Thank you

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