Tools Mosh USES

Does anyone knows what tools mosh make the videos?

Tools like recording software, mic, and other softwares.

Would be really grateful if someone can tell or would be great if @Mosh himself say something on this.

I don’t know and I don’t do that myself.

That said for the software a popular solution is OBS Studio

For microphones I can’t help much.
For my job I was given a simple headset which has a mute button for Microsoft Teams which is handy for what I do to communicate on daily basis. It (and any headset with a mike) could do for what you want to do.

For recording the way you think of people usually use stand alone mics.

It is not my speciality neither but as someone who at times plays around with audio I though of buying a mike at some point the reference I have in mind is Audio Technica AT-2020.
Not the best but fair enough if not honorable.

Now for such microphones you would likely buy an Audio interface because of likely to be XLR connectivity (and some mikes need phantom power too) so make sure your devices are compatible.
My current audio interface has no loopback which can be annoying at times (though there are workarounds such as VoiceMeeter

But a loopback prevents you from needing such extra software.

I would discuss the matter with a reseller. Thomann client care is actually helping with that if you explain the problem of yours.
They did it to me

Good luck