This course says Angular 4, but can I buy this course to learn Angular 11?

Can I buy this course to learn Angular 11, or should I look at some other courses?
Please help me on this.

If you are an experienced developer in other languages or frameworks or js you could. I myself am experienced and had to invest extra time here and there to adapt the deprecated code in order to achieve the same functionality as he does in the videos. That’s because I’m using angular 13 instead of 4 (the version he’s using).

Other than that he’s a really good teacher and explains things extremely well. I’m considering buying other courses too.


Thank You @Eduard ! I was also considering Maximilian Schwarzmüller course on Udemy.


Yeah, i checked that one too. It’s also outdated.

This one seems up to date. Not that many reviews but Andrei Neagoie’s courses are generally high rated. I bought his SQL course.

Your choice, I haven’t tried this angular course, full disclosure. I don’t know how good it is.

Good luck!

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Thank You so much for this.!