Is the Angular course up to date?

I need to learn to work with the latest version of Angular quickly, can I still learn with the course on the Website?


It is Angular 4 from what I can see.

This is pretty old. When I got introduced to Angular it was at least version 14.

Good luck in finding the ressource you need.


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Thanks. Do you know any good Angular course you could recommend for a beginner?

I was introduced to Angular by being showcased the Tour of heroes which is a tutorial on the official site.
It was rush because of lack of time. I had to redo it at home to understand.
Therefore I would suggest you go with that tour of heroes as an introductive 1st pass.

Then I have no particular course in mind.

Ok, I think that’s what I’m going to do. Thank you

Hello is it ok to learn angular 4 today? although the version of the angular is 14. thanks in advance

My position is you will always learn something even from outdated material. Many courses are no more up to date here, yet you will still learn most relevant things. And of course another part will break.

So I rather don’t mind if a course is not absolutely up to date.

On another hand this is completely understandable that one want the most up to date content.

It is yours to decide which way you go.

Now Angular is certainly farther than version 14 now.
You actually need to check on npmjs to view what is the current version.

And it seems we were lucky enough to see a version that was published just under half an hour.

Enjoy developing

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