The angular course is pretty old will it be updated?

Angular 14

  • Angular 14 was released on 2 June 2022. Some new features include typed forms, standalone components, and new primitives in the Angular CDK (component dev kit). Standalone components work across Angular, and they now fully work in HttpClient, Angular Elements, router and more.



I can completely feel people being frustrated for any outdated course. It is understandable anyone would love to learn from up to date material.

Most courses I took from Mosh were outdated. At times and on the short term I may have found myself annoyed.

But then I had a second though. Daily dev job is full of “I never did it before”. So I started take the weight on my shoulders.

All the problems that happened were opportunities to grow. And so I did.

Outdated tech still a good thing to learn.
I am currently porting an ASP .NET MVC based on .NET Framework to the .NET Core counterpart.
Everyday I learn beyond what Mosh taught me in his course.
Often I must face situations I never met before.

Last week I had an interview at a client place for a potential new mission. I told about Mosh courses being outdated but having the attitude I describe above.
Today I started my day with a “congratulation you made it. You start next month”

Development is a difficult thing. Especially to me as a junior dev.

Learnt ASP .NET MVC on .NET Framework with a training and completed with Mosh course
Taught myself ASP .NET Core

Learnt EF 6 with a Training and completed with Mosh course
Taught myself EF Core

Got a job.

Saw co-workers face such situation on regular basis.
Started to think : “If they face it, why not me?”

Take courage. I believe there may be renewed courses and Angular looks like a good candidate. But on another hand I would not count on that until there would be any official announcement.

Just go for the current course. Lookup for solutions. Learn the delta between the outdated and current.
Accept you’re not a know it all.
Understand it takes time.
Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Good luck.

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