Terminal window -seeking help

Hi I am just starting to learn python and can see that what Mosh shows on screen does not match on the terminal window. May be because mine is version 3.9.6.

I have few questions: Any help is much appreciated.

1.How do I remove the location link showing all the time? Its a bit distracting.

  1. the terminal window shows Try the new cross-platform PowerShell Installing PowerShell - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs. how do I know if I have installed the right version?

  2. I was trying Strings methods tutorial from Mosh and I cant get the right output. Why?

Hopefully someone can help.

Thanks heaps in advance.


When you are calling the string methods (like upper) you forgot the parenthesis. For example: print(course.upper())

Oh yes, Thanks for pointing it out. my silly mistake. Appreciate your feedback. It worked after I corrected it.