I need your help :(

Hello world! I’m just starting my course of Phyton and got a problem… When Mosh used command “Ctrl+`” in his one of the 1st lessons he got smth like this on the screen 1 (terminal “bash” and normal strike “HelloWorld”, but when I tried to do that I got terminal with the name “powershell”, a line with “Microsoft Corporation 2016. All rights reserved.” and a way to my python file, after witch I tried to add “$phyton app.py” and, as you can see,it all failled and gave me a mistake. How can I fix this problem? (maybe this question is really very strange but i don’t know what to do)((

Don’t type the $. It’s part of the prompt like the > in your prompt.

yeah, it helped :rofl: thank you! didn’t think about that)

Also the spelling is wrong it’s python not phyton