Unit 1section 5

After I made the Hello World folder, made the app.pay folder, and typed print(“Hello World”), it would not show up in the terminal.

Did you ever get it resolve? I have the same issue. I wasn’t sure if I installed something incorrectly due to using windows vs the demonstrated Mac.

I had this issue too. He’s using MacOS in the tutorial, so if you’re using Windows it’s a little different. For starters, make sure you have Python installed for Powershell use by just typing “Python” without the quotes into the terminal. If it’s installed it should spit out the version (hit CTRL+Z+ENTER to back out because it’ll put you in script mode), if it’s not it should bring up the Windows Store which is a simple click & install. Your terminal is Powershell at the bottom, so it’ll come up as such:


You should be inside the folder you created to make your py scripts. Type “python app.py” and it should run the script in terminal. EG:

PS C:\Users\NAME\FOLDER> python app.py