Started my Full-stack developer journey

Hello everyone!

My name is Ganesh Mane and I am very new here.

I always wanted to start learning programming and always dreamed to be a full-stack developer.

I was unable to find a better program and courses and a great mindset leader to follow his learnings.

I am glad I found as I was doing some YouTube research while watching tutorials, I landed here but I landed long ago maybe 2-3 years back from now and finally, I decided to join the courses.

I just subscribed for the all courses and followed the ‘Learning Path’ section and now learning the Fundamentals of Java Programming Language.

Now I wanted to know post completion of the course we get a certificate of completion? If yes that is great!

Another question I have is on YouTube Mosh mentioned about he is working on the Dart + Flutter course. I just wanted to know if he will be launching it soon?

Thank you for the great community and wish me all the best!

Best Kind Regards,

Ganesh Mane

Hi and welcome!

Yes. You will get a certificate as soon as you complete a course.

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@SAM Thanks for the confirmation! will get it done ASAP. I am on it. Loving the courses…