SQL update deleted all schemas

I just updated to MySQL version 8.0.32, running on mac monterey. Previously I had completed Mosh’s SQL course, and all the databases were stored in the workbench. After updating, however, not only have all schemas been deleted (including the sys), but the schema panel itself appears to be missing. I have only two panels visible when I open the workbench: object info and session. Not sure what to do here. Help anyone? Are all the schemas actually gone, or is there just a new way of making them visible?

Are you sure you are connected to the database server? Can you provide a screenshot?

Well, it says I am. At least it looks to, according to the session tab. I have no clue why all the other stuff’s gone.

I wonder where your Navigator panel is gone. Chances are that your data is still there but your Navigator panel is closed somehow.

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Thank you, this was the problem. I found a way to re-open the navigator panel.