Show Hindi in react native app

I am trying to create an android app using expo and I want to use Hindi language in the app.
How do I add support for Hindi language?

Namaste shreeman! Try setting your default keyboard layout to Hindi on your phone. Also, take a look at the Expo Localization docs Localization - Expo Documentation

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t want users to change their system settings just to use the app.

I added some Hindi in my code in a Text component without any issues. i also have several keyboards installed and can switch by pressing the globe button so input wasn’t a problem either

I had done that too but I was wondering if it’s possible not to hard code like that…meaning, remember when we type some Hindi characters in Arial font for example in MS Word document it shows up as gibberish but when the font is changed to some Hindi font it shows up as Hindi (ka kha ga etc).
You know what I am saying?

I appreciate your time though. Thanks for the response.

Ah! In that case I guess this is what you are looking for! @expo-google-fonts/tiro-devanagari-hindi - npm

I did add a font as local dependency and used it in Text but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know what I did wrong…

did you try following the example in the link i sent you? give it a shot and paste your code and any errors