React Native Fundamentals Course - Input Components - defaultStyles not working


I’m having trouble with extracting styles which is the “Input Components” section. I am following the fundamentals React Native course, I have even used Mosh’s code and double-checked everything and gone through all the files that were provided with the course in each section and it won’t work, the error says…

the issue has arisen only when I was trying to extract the styles and the default style call seems to be the issue but I’m unsure.
I’m pretty rusty with React so it most likely is an error on my end but yeah any help would be appreciated.

I have had no problem with the course up until there.

The code where I think the issue is below…

import React from “react”;
import { Text } from “react-native”;
import defaultStyles from “…/config/styles”;
function AppText({ children, style }) {
return <Text style={[defaultStyles.text, style]}>{children};
export default AppText;


import { Platform } from “react-native”;

import colours from “./colours”;

export default {
text: {
color: colours.grey,
fontSize: 18,
fontFamily: Platform.OS === “android” ? “Roboto” : “Avenir”,

Thank you for any help in advance!

Can you include a screenshot of your folder structure, showing where AppText.js and styles.js are?

I figured it out it was incorrect folders! Thanks for your response.