Need your help to solve this problem

I tried following what Mosh Sir did and checked my code multiple times an also matched my code with him. But still the output I get is different from him.

My Output:

Mosh Sir’s Output:

Can anyone please help me out and tell me what to do???

Thank you in advance,
From Manav

What does your HTML and CSS look like?

I dont have any html and css files. I am learning react native not react :slight_smile:

Hah, oops. Well then, what does your JSX/markup/styles/code look like?

I currently am unable to send the picture but the things that I have checked my code literally line by line with Mosh sir. I don’t have any errors. It’s like the result that I am getting is not same as Mosh. So, most probably there is no problem in my code :slight_smile:

If you are sure your code is exactly the same, go look at your elements and make sure when referencing a style you didn’t make a typo, say for instance say you said styles={} Instead of style={}.

Ok sure will check, thank you for the time you are investing to help me out :slight_smile: