Share your Vercel app?

I would be very curious to see other people’s Vercel Issue Tracker apps if you’re willing to share! I primarily ask because of an error I notice appearing in my console on mine and I wonder if others have the same. But also it would just be interesting! I’d also be curious to know your Githubs in case there are any noticeable differences worth looking into. I’ll share mine:

I logged in and created an issue on your app. I didn’t see any errors.

Here’s my version:


I checked yours out and it looks great! What do the yellow stars next to issues mean? I tried to login but I got this message: “Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process”. Overall excellent work.

Thank you. I need to make Issue Tracker production. I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

The STAR means the issue was assigned to someone, no star means it is unassigned. Probably need a better badge for that. :slight_smile:

I also worked really hard on the pagination control. It’s auto generating based on how many items are returned and where you are at. If no pages ahead of you, behind you, etc. It was tricky because if you are near the end, it should adjust which cell is highlighted, etc. I actually shared that code here in the forums since it’s easily reusable for paging any lists.