Issue tracker project Dashboard doesnt show actual char state and amount of issues

Hello everyone, does somebody know what it can be . Dashboard is empty but i can add issues and remove, dashboard looks like not synchronized.

This is a caching issue. Mosh covers this a little further into the course. The issues will show if you reload/refresh your page. You have to put in a special statement on the page that you want to force it to dynamically render.

export const dynamic = ‘force-dynamic’;

Add that to the bottom of your /app/list/page.tsx file and it will be treated as a dynamic page instead of static.


It’s working in the development environment, but when deployed on Vercel, it doesn’t work. :frowning:

As Jerry mentioned it’s a caching issue. It won’t be a problem during development - only in a production build (e.g. when deployed to Vercel). You need to add the line of code he mentioned to the file he mentioned (somewhere outside of the component function). Then commit and push to your Github repo and Vercel will automatically redeploy.

I had the same issue when I took this course and this solution worked for me.

Big thanks to everyone :slight_smile: . It’s actually works .