Issue Tracker: 99.99% done, one last problem!

Hi, all,

I am 99.99% done with the Issue Tracker tutorial, but encountered one final problem.

I deployed the app, and I am able to log in, creating new issues, editing, assign to user, change status, filter, sort asc/desc.

The problem is, the dashboard does not update

  • The 3 components, IssueSummary, IssueChart, LatestIssues all show up, but they have no data to display.
  • It appears Home is not fetching data from the database, but the Issues page is able to display all the issues in the database.
  • I thought perhaps it had to do with static rendering, but refreshing the page did not help.
  • I tried different browsers and incognito tabs, same problem.
  • The local development version works fine.

Any suggestions?


I just found out why this was happening.

The Home page.tsx on Mosh’s GitHub has the following line at the bottom.

export const dynamic = 'force-dynamic'; 

I did a quick re-watch of the tutorial, Laying Out the Dashboard, perhaps I missed it, but this was not mentioned.

It appears this force dynamic rendering is required for production, not development.

I hope this is helpful in case others run into the same problem.


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This is exactly what I needed, thank you!

Thank you very much. It worked.