Next.js Issue Tracker - Jerry's Enhanced Pagination Component

Mosh creates a nice Pagination component in the Issue Tracker project, but I took it a step further. I am sharing it with you guys. If you want to try it, I’ve added the full source below. Let me know what you think.

This component calculates the total number of pages, the relative position, and which buttons should be on the left, right, and which should be highlighted. Arrows appear only when necessary and the selected page moves towards center as you navigate.

The calculations that determine which buttons display was a bit tricky. If you move towards the beginning or towards the end - there are adjustments to be made. Those calculations are contained in one small code block. Everything else is pretty standard.

In the /app/issues/list/page.tsx I called it like this:

                <Flex direction='column' gap='2' className='text-center w-full my-5'>
                    <Text>{issuesRowCount} Issues Found</Text>


'use client';
import React from 'react';
import {Box, Button} from "@radix-ui/themes";
import {ChevronLeftIcon, ChevronRightIcon, DoubleArrowLeftIcon, DoubleArrowRightIcon} from "@radix-ui/react-icons";
import {useRouter, useSearchParams} from "next/navigation";

interface Props {
    itemCount: number;          // how many total items are being paginated
    pageSize: number;           // how many items are on each page
    currentPage: number;        // current page number
    maxPageButtons?: number;    // how many numbered page buttons to display

const Pagination = ({itemCount, pageSize, currentPage, maxPageButtons}: Props) => {

    const router = useRouter();
    const searchParams = useSearchParams();

    const activeButtonColor = 'blue';
    const inactiveButtonColor = 'gray';
    const activeButtonVariant = 'surface';
    const inactiveButtonVariant = 'surface';

    const pageCount = Math.ceil(itemCount / pageSize);
    if (pageCount === 1) return null;

    const maxPageButtonCount = maxPageButtons ? maxPageButtons : 5;

    // adjust start position so that the current page is in the middle of the array
    // if the array is less than maxPageButtonCount, then the start position is always 1
    // if the array is maxPageButtonCount or more, then the start position
    // is the current page minus half the array width.
    // if the start position is less than 1, then the start position is 1
    // if the start position plus the array width is greater than the page count,
    // then the start position is the page count minus the array width plus 1
    // will always display maxPageButtonCount or fewer pages - and not exceed the page count

    const arrayWidth = (pageCount < maxPageButtonCount) ? pageCount : maxPageButtonCount;

    let startPage = (currentPage - Math.floor(arrayWidth / 2) < 1)
        ? 1
        : currentPage - Math.floor(arrayWidth / 2);

    startPage = (currentPage + Math.ceil(arrayWidth / 2) > pageCount)
        ? pageCount - arrayWidth + 1
        : startPage;

    // No more calculations - let's create the component

    const changePage = (page: number) => {
        const params = new URLSearchParams(searchParams);
        params.set('page', page.toString());
        router.push("?" + params.toString());

    return (
            {/*Create << when not on first page*/}
            {currentPage !== 1 &&
                // Created << when not on first page
                <Button color={inactiveButtonColor} variant={inactiveButtonVariant}
                        onClick={() => changePage(1)}>

            {/*Create < when not on first page*/}
            {currentPage !== 1 &&
                <Button color={inactiveButtonColor} variant={inactiveButtonVariant}
                        onClick={() => changePage(currentPage - 1)}>

            {/*Create calculated numbered buttons */}
                Array(arrayWidth).fill(startPage).map((_, index) => {
                    const pageNumber = startPage + index;
                    return (
                            onClick={() => changePage(pageNumber)}
                            variant={pageNumber === currentPage
                                ? activeButtonVariant : inactiveButtonVariant}
                            color={pageNumber === currentPage
                                ? activeButtonColor : inactiveButtonColor}>
                            <Box width="5"
                                 className={pageNumber === currentPage
                                     ? 'font-bold text-center'
                                     : 'text-center'}>

            {/*Create > when not on last page*/}
            {currentPage !== pageCount &&
                <Button color={inactiveButtonColor} variant={inactiveButtonVariant}
                        onClick={() => changePage(currentPage + 1)}>

            {/*Create >> when not on last page*/}
            {currentPage !== pageCount &&
                <Button color={inactiveButtonColor} variant={inactiveButtonVariant}
                        onClick={() => changePage(pageCount)}>

export default Pagination;