Section 3 - Browsing History: Lesson 16 - Using GitLens

Greetings and Salutations to all! I would like to know if I could please draw someone’s attention to this confusion I have. I am working in Section 3 - Browsing History, doing lesson 16 - Using GitLens in VSCode but how is it that I am supposed to access the history of the file that we are working on?

NOTE - We are asked to download the zip file named “Venus” and to save it in our device. BUT, I never noticed any instructions that lead us to clone a repository that contained previous commits.

QUESTION - Did anyone see those instructions in previous lectures in section 3 from lessons 2 to 15?

When I get to lesson 16, and I search for these commits using GitLens, I get nothing. Is this just to show what we can do with GitLens or is there something I am missing?

SoS anyone, please.